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Greetings, my name is Dustin and I am happily married to my beautiful wife Amy and we have one amazing son, Thomas. I am the owner/operator of Timber and Stone Home Inspection and I want to personally thank you for visiting. A little bit about me: I grew up in Central Oklahoma and now reside in the Edmond area. I graduated in 1999, went to OSU-OKC for Fire Science, got hired on the Fire Department in 2003. In 2016 attended Francis Tuttle online classes to become a licensed home inspector. Although challenging, this has been a very rewarding move with building business relationships and serving our great communities here in Oklahoma. I believe that character and integrity are very important attributes that one can bring into a relationship and I believe that we are all called to serve one another, as once someone said “One must master being a servant before they can become a leader.” Enjoy your visit and stay as long as you would like. If you have any questions please contact me. 

Honesty and Integrity


Integrity - Doing the right thing whether someone is watching or not. 

I have been a member of a local Fire Department for the past 14 years. My background with the fire service has allowed me the opportunity to assist customers in many ways such as teaching, understanding a customer’s position, and showing compassion towards the customers situation. 

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money back

Customer satisfaction is my number one priority. I am hired by my customers to provide them with a thorough inspection, provide a comprehensive and easy to follow understandable report.

What I Offer


Pre-listing Inspection

Before you place your home on the market, allow me to assist you in performing a pre-listing inspection. This inspection will address possible maintenance issues, major and minor defects, safety concerns which may make the process of selling your home quite time-consuming. As well with this pertinent knowledge of your home, the direction needed may enhance its value and the time it takes to sell. Protect your investment and improve your awareness of your home with an inspection by Timber and Stone Home Inspection.

Pre-purchase Inspection

A pre-purchase inspection should be performed by a licensed inspector to weigh your decision on the purchase of an existing home. Home purchase contracts will often contain a provision for a home inspection and certain stipulations concerning the condition of various home systems and components. Protect your investment by arming yourself with the knowledge you will obtain with a thorough pre-purchase home inspection offered by Timber and Stone Home Inspection.

New Home Inspection

New home inspections play an important role when final steps towards closing are at hand. This inspection is as important as an inspection of an existing older property. You will be provided a report of possible structural deficiencies and safety concerns. You’re also going to want to be made aware of the less noticeable, but equally important and potentially costly deficiencies often encountered with newly built homes.

After an occupancy permit has been issued for your home, and the electrical power, water supply, gas supply (if applicable), and other additional equipment have been turned on, it is advisable you request a new home inspection. You will want to have the inspection completed prior to closing, so any defects can be brought to the builder’s attention. This allows the builder opportunity to address and remedy the defects before the property is transferred over to you. Your new home is an important investment, protect your investment and contact Timber and Stone Home Inspection to schedule your inspection today.

1-year Warranty Inspection

Before the 1-year deadline expires on your home warranty, an inspection is highly recommended. An inspection prior to your home’s 1-year mark will uncover any still existing defects still needing to be addressed, and even catch any issues that have recently developed. It is important to have these issues brought to the builder’s attention prior the the deadline, as they can address the defects under your warranty.

Typically a home builder provides you with a warranty of 1-year, so you will want to mark your calendar in advance to curtail further expenses in the future. Contact Timber and Stone Home Inspection and schedule your inspection to be performed prior to your warranty expiration.

4-Point Inspection

A “4-Point Inspection” focuses only on four main areas of interest in a home: HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) / Electrical wiring and panels / Plumbing connections and fixtures / Roof

What's Included in the Inspection?

 A Professional Property Inspection is an impartial third-party visual evaluation of the: 


  1. Site – A check of the site grading & drainage, retaining walls, walkways, driveways, patios, decks, porches, fencing, gates.
  2. Structure – An evaluation of the exterior walls, parapets, trim, chimney, foundation, slabs and basement or crawl space (if applicable).
  3. Attic/Roof – Review of access provisions, insulation, ventilation, framing, roof surface, flashing, penetrations, drainage, overhangs, gutters & downspouts.
  4. Garage – Evaluation of the overhead vehicle door, automatic opener, fire separation.
  5. Plumbing – A review of the accessible main piping, distribution piping, waste & vent piping, fuel system, water heater, laundry connection.
  6. Heating/Cooling – A check of the type, condition, distribution/duct system, filters, thermostat.
  7. Electrical – Evaluation of the service entrance, system capacity, panels, circuitry, wiring, outlets & switches.
  8. Interior– Review of doors, windows, flooring, walls & ceiling, fireplace, closets, stairs.
  9. Kitchen – Looking at cabinets & counters, sink, faucet, garbage disposal, dishwasher, range, oven, some built-in appliances.
  10. Bathrooms – A check of cabinets & counters, sinks, faucets, tubs, showers, toilets, ventilation.


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